In every single moment we influence our own future. By observing our thoughts and feelings, while also being aware of our personal goals, we can remarkably steer life into a more meaningful direction. Solution-oriented coaching helps us manage ourselves and understand our actions better.

GoodCo Inc is an inspirational coaching company that combines the best of coaching with futures thinking. Our services can easily be tailored for coaching individuals, groups and companies.

If you wish to increase your wellbeing with coaching, just book a free mapping session where we can draw together a suitable coaching package for your personal needs!

Ulrika Björkstam, LCF Life Coach®, NLP Practitioner, M.Soc.Sci

Falling into a serious air crash accident in November 2008 forced me not only to recover physically but also to re-think my life and myself. At that point I realized how much our thoughts and attitudes influence our actions and wellbeing. Many things in life happen independently of us and cannot be decided in advance. But we can always decide how to react to these things and move forward in new situations. After my own experience I believe our potential is so much bigger than we can ever imagine.

Before coaching I worked as a futurist, supporting Finnish companies in their internationalization processes. Futurist’s work is all about discussing and analyzing possible futures and our own actions in this ever-changing world.

By bringing this kind of thinking to the individual level, I want to help people feel better in the present as well as in their future. As a coach I aim to help each coachee to identify her/his own “aha” experiences and offer suitable tools to work on them, while simultaneously encouraging forward on their path of changes.



Life is full of coincidences, but we can still influence how we live by creating our own meanings for the things that happen.

In spring 2014 I experienced this first hand while shooting a TV program in Toronto. For long I had tried to find a suitable name for my company, and although certain criteria did exist, the task seemed way too tricky. I happened to talk about this with the cameraman who just noted that I surely wouldn’t find it by pondering back and forth. Instead, he suggested I should keep my instincts open since the name could already exist in the air. The same guy also introduced me a Turkish saying ”iyi tesadüf”, which arises from the will to wish ”good coincidences” for the others.

As a word GoodCo refers to coincidences, coaching and company (both human and the company itself). You are always in good company with yourself and your coach when reflecting on life, searching for your resources and taking the first steps towards the changes you desire.


Solution-oriented coaching has its scientific background in positive psychology that focuses on positive human development and the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The aim is to increase individual wellbeing rather than only eliminating mental illness. No major problem or crisis is necessary for coaching sessions; very often just small adjustments or clarifying one’s own goals is all that is needed. Instead of problems, coaching focuses on the solutions and on enhancing the individuals’ holistic wellbeing.

Everything starts from personal needs and values. As a coach I don’t give advice, but rather support my clients in order to clarify and reach their own goals. Coaching is always based on 100 % mutual trust between the coach and the client.


Treenipäivä is a new training event that takes place in Narinkkatori in Helsinki on September 12th 2015.

GoodCo is participating in the event by giving mental coaching for motivation.